AAOL Season 3 – Round 2

So close yet so far, DPS carries are real

Our team of free agents is slowly starting to come together in the 3rd season of the AAOL. In round 2 we managed to get 5 of our players to turn up and ended up having a very good game against Infinity. Only a strong DPS carry performance from their Masters player kept us in check at crucial moments. A high level DPS player can really make the difference in a team and it is why esp in comp, everyone wants to play DPS. Everyone thinks they are a DPS master and can carry their team, in reality thou, only a few actually can.

Come at me bro

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The Overwatch League is almost here

What you need to know about Blizzards ambitious project

The official Overwatch League logo.

The esport industry has been steadily growing over the last decade alongside an already booming video game industry. The industry is said to have produced an estimated $493 million dollars in Revenue during 2016 which is up 50% from 2015. The video game industry as a whole is estimated to break over $100 Billion in 2017. For some perspective, the total box office ticket sales in 2016 was around $38.6 billion. The North American Sports market in 2015 was sitting at $63.9 billion. So while esports doesn’t have the big numbers yet, nearly half a billion dollars in revenue in an industry that is exploding ahead is nothing to sneeze at. Esports is also excelling in viewership numbers of it’s major events. League of Legends has been one of the biggest esports in the world both with popularity and revenue. In 2016 43 million people tuned in to watch the world championship, 2nd only to the Intel Extreme Masters topping out at 46 million. With more and more people turning away from TV and focusing more on social media and live streaming platforms like twitch where esports thrives, the popularity of esports will continue to rise.

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Podcast Ep-6 eSports and Elections

In episode 6 of our podcast it’s the Day After Tomorrow. Donald Trump is now the president of the United States, but the show must go on! Today’s episode we recap on Blizzon, get deep into GStar (The E3 of Korea) and what Korea needs to do in order to resuscitate its suffocating gaming industry.


Welcome Jodi to the podcast and talking about President Trump

3:30 Blizzard and Blizzcon.

6:00 eSports at Blizzcon and Sth Koreas Domination

9:00 Why Koreans are so good – breaking moves down, practicing and the support of the country

13:30 How video game and geek/nerd culture has become the new cool

17:10 Is esports a sport or something else?

18:45 Psychology will be the game changer for esports teams?

21:10 Overwatch league and Africa missing out on Esports developments

24:40 Gstar preview and Sth korea game industry in jeopardy

27:50 How can Korea turn things around now that they no longer have the technical advantage

32:00 Korea operating in an uncomfortable middle ground and what does Korea need to work on? Korea should adopt the Free to Win model (we talk about how this model works)

37:40 Western games have stories and endings etc, Korean games are missing story

42:00 Games to look out for heading into G-Star