The Travel Diaries – 7. The Great Escape 2.0

Getting back to London

With my time in Germany spent mostly in isolation, the great escape 2.0 was now about to start with a flight back to London. Luckily my flight out wasn’t cancelled but many flights were and the airport was scaling back many of their flights as well thanks to most of Europe going into lock-down and closing of their boarders. Lucky for me, the UK was still lagging behind everyone, barely. Continue reading “The Travel Diaries – 7. The Great Escape 2.0”

Fading Frontier: Yongsan Video Game Alley

Where generations collide and nostalgia reins supreme

Given the interest shown in my other article Fading Frontier: Kukje Electronics Centre, I thought I might as well continue on and re-visit the other final bastion of Retro Video Gaming here in South Korea, the legendary Yongsan Video Game Alley. I would be very interested to know the history of this place and how long it has been around. Suffice to say, its been there a long time and is the best known place in Korea to get your hands on some great retro (and also modern) games and consoles.

Located out the back of Yongsan Ipark Mall in Yongsan Y-Valley and across from the Sunin Plaza Building (your one stop shop for everything PC related, if your looking to get set up, check out the man himself Phil!), Video Game Alley is literally a small little alley at the bottom of an open mall type building that you would easily miss if you didn’t know it was there or where to look for it. Continue reading “Fading Frontier: Yongsan Video Game Alley”

About Me

My name is Marcus aka DJ Blaze. I come from NZ but now living in Seoul, Sth Korea and DJn here! Find me anywhere on Social Media under the alias: akadjblaze (#akadjblaze)

2017 is set to be another busy year, catch me every weekend at either Club Made or Living Room and keep an eye out for upcoming events with Good Times ROK!

To get in touch with me for shows or anything else DJ related you can reach me by: +82-10-9019-2860 For those looking for more infomation: My Bio is located here Photos: Click the ‘Promo Pics’ link above to download. Here is a quick list of links to some mixes that give you an idea of what I am about

Classic Hip Hop & RnB

Redbull Thre3style 2013

Redbull Thre3style 2015 (Video)

Busan FM Entry Set 2015 (Video)

Busan FM Entry Set 2016 (Video)

Commercial House Set

I have been keeping busy here. This page will usually cover most of my exploits as well as my other interests so I will be striving to update this as often as possible and bring you an insight into my life as a DJ here in Sth Korea and share with you the highs and lows as well as any content I create along the way.