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The Travel Diaries – 2. The Royal city of London

Rain, construction, traffic jams and home to the Queen

Playing detective while on the move in London

London! Home to the Royals and a shit ton of history! Like literally, the amount of history in this city is insane. You could spend years here learning all there is to learn about this place but for me, I get just under a week to cram as much in as possible. While I have never been a fan of the Monarch and British Empire for obvious reasons, it is still easy to get swept up in the ‘grandeur’ that is London. Continue reading “The Travel Diaries – 2. The Royal city of London”

The Travel Diaries – 1. The Great Escape

From Seoul to London and escaping the virus

Waiting for the train, got my friend to disinfect the carriage for me

Most travels are meant to be met with excitement and anticipation, they are meant to be a great time, stress free and magical journeys to unknown lands blah blah blah. Well while this trip of mine was indeed meant to be all these things, a little spanner was thrown into the works know as the Corona virus. Suddenly, my great travel plans were at risk because of this shitty little virus that decided to take the world by storm. Now this has affected many thousands of people worldwide and while my problems with it might seem trivial, I guarantee there are hundreds who are in the exact situation I was. Continue reading “The Travel Diaries – 1. The Great Escape”

June Update 2019

It keeps on being awhile between updates, I really must strive to do better with my own website.

I have done well with my Facebook and I’m making way with my streaming but it’s still not consistent and that’s something I really need to improve. But in saying that, it’s not easy when things keep changing and get more hectic! I have been recording a lot more stuff and have a few videos that I need to edit and upload so I have content, just need to sort it out and start posting it up!

Also follow me on Twitch!! Making a big push there and need the followers! Continue reading “June Update 2019”

The Final Countdown

Wow, it has been awhile since I have updated my page. However, it is time to get back onto it and step my social media game back up again with more purpose. So just a quick update now.

As those who know me already know, this is my last year here in Korea, and since I do get to do a lot of cool shit, it’s time to document that a bit more on here and share different things including some movie reviews and other bits and pieces. I will be travelling to Europe before I head back to NZ so I will be doing a travel blog while I’m away, need to get some traction and momentum going before that happens!

So 2019, bring it on! Time to finish off strong!

Autumn is Here

Time for another update

It has been awhile since I have updated my page, had more than a few things going on recently, some good while some bad. I did say this would be a year to get some work done and while I have mostly managed to stay on track, something’s have had to take a backseat. Luckily the things that have taken a back seat aren’t as crucial to achieve my goals as I look towards the next few years, in saying that, they are still things that I need to get back into my life.

Chilling with the bro DJ Angelo after taking out the win

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Update Time

The ride might be coming to an end

Time for a bit of a life update since it has been awhile and 2017 was a pretty crazy ass year. Managed to accomplish quite a bit during the year, from holding down a residency at one of the hottest clubs in Korea to DJn at Seoul Comic Con, there was some good memories. But now things seem to be winding down a bit for me, might be time to admit that mid life is here and it is time to look ahead and decide just where the fuck I want to be in life. I can’t do this forever and there are various obstacles that have been holding me back here in Korea that I just have no desire to overcome. In saying that, there are other things that I have been contemplating doing and have now decided to look more seriously into pursing those, especially now that I have decided that I have had enough of teaching. Change is needed.

Made was some awesome madness, a lot of fun spinning there

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Funny how life changes

So, time for an update, things have been interesting in the last few months to say the least!

So, in August I had decided to start on this whole training thing and to take up competitive archery. I started training strength wise while also sorting out my weekly schedule etc etc and started doing some long term planning for it. However in September that got totally flipped on its head.


So, in September I got picked up by Gangnam Gamers to be a part of their team and to help with content for their various social media outlets which has been a very exciting opportunity and something I have always wanted to get into. Being a gamer most of my life, having an opportunity to get myself into the gaming industry has been sweet!


Now luckily as this started off, things were relatively quiet on the DJ front, so I could focus on GG and get our podcast up and running and put in a lot of work towards that, just setting the ground work and my schedule to make life easier since I would still have to teach and DJ. And as always, things decided to get busy again and I picked up a second DJ residency as well as a heap of one off events all in the space of a few weeks, so needless to say, the back half of October and start of November was stupidly crazy. But now things are looking like they will finally settle down so I can start settling into a regular routine.


While I haven’t had a chance to start going to the archery range in awhile, I have managed to keep up with the gym, not as often as I had planned but 2-3 times a week has been ok for now and I will start going to the range towards the end of November as well as increasing my gym work. DJn has settled down now too, so I have 2 sets on Friday night and 1-2 sets on Saturday night which should allow me to make the most of the days now in the weekend. Podcast once a week and a live game-stream once a week. I am also working on a fortnightly off-shoot of the podcast where I bring in friends and other guests to talk games etc as well as a few other ideas I am working on as well to further increase my portfolio in the gaming and ‘podcast/radio’ industry and of course to try and make GG successful.


As they say, when an opportunity arises, take it, but you also need to be ready for it and know how you want to use that opportunity. I have been given a great one here and I am going to use it fully to my advantage and make the most of it! Chur!


December Update

Update time! Yeah it has been awhile between things so time to give a little catch up of what I have been doing the last few months… Nothing! Well that’s not entirely true, had a DJn gig usually every other weekend, had a few big parties here and there, but apart from that, I’ve been making the most of having some time off during the weekends and just relaxing, playing video games, catchin up on anime and working on some home projects. When you have been DJn basically every weekend straight for the last 4 years (only taking weekends off to travel or party) it’s nice to actually have a few weekends in not doing anything for once, thou in saying that, it still feels weird not going out on a weekend night, but I have tried to make the most of it since that’s about to change and it looks like my weekend dance card is about to fill up very quickly.

So as far as DJn goes, I haven’t been idle and have had a couple of gigs in the works for awhile now, unfortunately they got delayed thanks to water leaks and other things but now things are all set (barring any other unforeseen complications that can always arise)


So the first confirmed gig is for every Friday night in no other than HBC at V-Lounge, a nice neighbourhood venue (right next to Bonnie’s) where myself and Kiredmik will be holding it down between 10-2am on Friday nights with a mix of new and old Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and whatever else we decide to bang out. Being in HBC this should prove interesting but its nice being so close to home and could be a lot fun with the local crowds. The first night will be the19th of December


The second gig confirmed for now (just not the DJ line up yet, but I’ll be there at least for the beginning) is a new club opening up in Itaewon called Villa, located across from the fire station in the building basement next to Helios, Villa is going to be an upscale looking but affordable drinking house club aimed at Koreans and Foreigners playing a mix of new and old, popular and underground house tunes. With the vision and plan for this place it has the potential to be a hit (basically think of it as a second House Ming except more house orientated) The opening date is the 23rd of December and there will be a lot planned for the initial opening and over the Xmas/NYE week.

I do have a couple more things in the works but still up in the air weather they will go thru or not and when they will start but hopefully can get these 2 under way first and then the others will fall into place

June Update 2015

So again its been a hectic few months, it seriously always seems that way but this time even more so than usual.

So lets start with first things first, Redbull Thre3style Korea… Once again Thre3style returns to Korea… and once again it is plagued by your typical bullshit Korean judging style, I’m not going to even pretend to pull punches on this one, while at the end of the day a good DJ won, the lead up to that and who ended up in the finals was really nothing short of atrocious and to me really kills any integrity the competition has in Korea. While I myself am not mad I didn’t get thru (thou I prob have a good case to be angry) out of the 4 DJs who made it thru only 1 def deserved to be there, while another one got thru due to their high vote count, so that is acceptable, however the other 2 DJs should never have made it thru. Ill post more about this later but yeah, thats where I stand on that. Anyways here is the video of my entry so enjoy it!

<p><a href=”″>DJ Blaze 2015 Thre3style Korea 5min entry</a> from <a href=””>akadjblaze</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

 So after that I did manage to get away on holiday to Hong Kong! Been on my to do list for awhile since being in Asia, mainly because I wanted to check out the infamous sneaker street… yeah its not as good as one would have you believe, in saying that it is still pretty good and managed to pick up some dope kicks!

Hong Kong Kicks

Back from Hong Kong, next up was WDJ Festival, again playing in the DJ Korea tent thou this year was much better than last year and more reminiscent of the first year I DJ’d there. The festival itself thou was rubbish, the DJs were average and I think I head all of them make mistakes, that along side the fact that it was relatively a small crowd, I can’t imagine it happening again next year. But at least I managed to have fun during my set and then MC’n for the DJ after me!

Among this madness was the bombshell that my job was being terminated and that I would need to find a new job… In your typical Korean bullshit way, I was told that there wasn’t enough student numbers (thou they new the numbers at the start of the semester) and that they were cancelling the program, much to everyones annoyance and of course to the detriment of the kids, but its ok, the only thing that matters is money… Such bullshit. Anyways I was luck enough that the company I am still with managed to find me another position, so at least I have a job…

The good news with the new job is that I get a month off in July/Aug… the bad news is I don’t have enough money to do a big trip so will have to try and take a short one week trip, looks like China!

I did almost get a new residency as well in a bar that I would have loved… but that lasted all of one weekend…

I managed to finally get my bow!!! And its a beast! Thou maybe I should have got one that is also sold in Korea… That could come back to bite me in the ass later on.

And finally looks like BeFM is doing the expat DJ comp again… Guess I will try for third time lucky!


Destiny: Thoughts and Impressions

Destiny Title Screen

Note: I wrote this awhile ago, I am prob closer to 30 hours into the game now

So I am about 12 hours into Destiny, yeah you know, that game everyone is going on about, the one that has been highly anticipated for a few years now, that game from the same developers that brought us the Halo franchise, yeah I am sure you know the game and thought I might give my 2 cents on how I am finding the game so far… and yes, as an avid Halo player, there is a lot of Halo influence/feel in this game (not that it’s a bad thing)

Destiny Story

Story Mode
Well to be honest this has kind of taken second string to grinding out my level to catch up with everyone else. The story itself hasn’t been that engaging so far, it is interesting but just feels kind of meh, like it was an afterthought to the game itself, it’s bad enough your character doesn’t actually say anything till a decent way into the story, and the ghost kind of feels a bit like Cortana with its quirks, comments and general attitude. At any rate I have only just reached Mars

Destiny Control

So the multiplayer system has been set up relatively small scale with the biggest being 6v6 on a domination style playlist. The maps are about medium sized which for 6v6 can be a little barren at times esp the map on the moon and mars, it can take way too long to get into the action (you do have access to your vehicle thou so you have the option of riding that into action). However the maps themselves look very well made, they have a nice flow and thought seems to be have put into how players will handle them, very reminisce of Halo multiplayer maps in their design and execution. The game modes are fun and the level balancing has been done very well meaning if your character is still level 6ish, you’re not at a huge disadvantage going against someone who is level 25 (thou their weapon handling and perks will still be better) It is a lot of fun, however as a fan of big team and epic sized battles, 6v6 on these maps to me just comes up a bit short. And then there is the reward system at the end which is totally random… getting 25 kills and top score with no reward while someone who gets 2 kills, lowest score and gets a legend item… well yeah, that is just infuriating

Destiny Customization

Character creation and customization is always a hard point to talk about, how much is enough and how much is too much, should it be like the Sims or should it just be bare minimal. In destiny it feels like its bare minimal with relatively limited customization even as you progress thru, with your only option really being which armor you end up choosing and some shades you can use to change its color, there might be more but at this point of the game I am basically limited to whatever gear I can find. The 4 different emotes you can do are fun, thou some more variation would be nice too, thou at least they thought that far ahead to add them, but more customization is really needed

DJ Rufio Destiny

Game Mechanics
Now that FPS style games have been around for a while, basic things like screen size, mini maps, hud etc are done pretty well and are standard these days, destiny is no different, jumping in straight away you will find that usual familiarity that you would expect from any FPS. The differences obviously coming from mobility and weapons. Destiny has a few weapon options but not on the scale of COD or BF, but more or less the same as Halo. You have your main weapon classes with a few options in each, but basically you have you standard short, med and long range plus heavy damage dealers, Then you have your skill and perk system, a special skill that can be activated and tweaked depending on your preferences same with perks and each class has 2 different skill and perk sets they can learn and upgrade which can work really well once you upgrade all your skills in that set and choose the ones that work well together (Skills and perks are set together in the same set so you can’t swap them between each set) Using the skills themselves take a little getting used to at first but once you figure out how to best utilize them they can be used to devastating effect. Each weapon itself is also capable of being upgraded to give a bonus perk so this is also a consideration to take into account when choosing your weapons. The weapon handling isn’t too bad, there is enough realism there as far as futuristic weapons go thou at times it feels like there is more than just a little auto aim at play, especially when an enemy is moving, I mean I am good, but at times I wonder am I actually that good to be pulling off some of those more reaction shots that still yield a nice head shot. There is also the auto aim tracker that pisses me off to no end and seems to always be in shooters, that one where your target site will ‘follow’ a target, can be very annoying when you line up a shot and an enemy walks in between, dragging the reticle throwing your shot off. But apart from little things, the game mechanics are what you would expect and feel pretty natural for this type of game

Destiny Crucible

The introduction of a Level cap and then a ‘Gear’ level is an interesting one. Basically the level Cap is 20. From there you have light levels which basically means how good your armor is, the more ‘light’ it has, the higher your level will be. Armor from Rare and up has a light value attached to it, the higher the light value, the higher your light level will be. Increasing your level itself from 1 to 20 is a pretty easy task, if you do plenty of bounties and mix your time up between completing them and doing the story mode, you will quickly hit level 20, it took me 10 hours to reach and I am sure a bit of that time was spent in loading screens… yup they do take a while, long enough to notice but not long enough to be too annoying. And once you reach level 20 the grind becomes harder since your are basically dependent on your gear and the only way to get good gear is either leveling up your reputation with each faction or by random loot drops. It is definitely a long haul after you reach level 20 and the way the loot drops and reward system works, it is also extremely frustrating to say the least

Destiny Walker on Patrol

Social Interaction
The game is geared to a degree for social interaction to form fire teams and to go on raids, however it is still lacking with its options for solo players to easily link up with other groups of players. Also the choice to either solo a strike or to form up with a team of individuals is also not there (sure you can join a strike and hope you get matched up with people, but more often than not you just get dropped in solo or half way thru an ongoing strike) having these kinds of choices you would think would be an important factor for a mmo style game like this as there is always a large base of solo players who struggle to enjoy the team dynamics of some of the more difficult content because they can’t get matched up with other players or don’t have enough friends playing. The other thing that bugs me is the limit of players that seems to be apparent when roaming around on Patrol, when destiny was first announced it looked like there was going to be more epic-ness with regards to player numbers and monsters you can come across, but at the moment everything is just so small in scale, most of the public encounters can easily be handled by 1 or 2 players, multiplayer only 6v6, strikes 1-3 players and the single Raid for 6 players…

Destiny DJ Rufio Tower

Destiny comes with a nice companion app that allows you to look at your progress from either your mobile or tablet and has some pretty good information, also you can track your stats online too

Destiny Companion App

It is a good game, just not an outstanding game, it feels like a good start but it doesn’t hold the epic-ness I was hoping from it and can see it easily fading into the distance as new games come out. While Bungie has done a nice job here in their post-halo era, for me, the scale of this game is just too small from what I was hoping for on the new generation of consoles, if you can have 64 players running around in BF4, you would expect other FPS games to be able to step into the same realm of share numbers as well, granted BF has been around for a while, but I think this is the kind of approach that needed to be taken with Destiny, or hopefully the system is in place so they can scale it up in the future, but for now, this is what we have, good, but not great

Destiny Loading Screen

So I have finally decided to finish the campaign… meh yeah, that was boring. I am now level 27 and basically the grind for me goes like this, weekly strike, crucible and vanguard bounties and moon and mars farming as well as public events. Not overly exciting at all. It seems most of Destiny is just the focus on getting to level 30 so that you might have a chance of completing the Raid if you can ever find a team

Destiny Tower