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Once again, Winning is Fun!


So, that was a long weekend! As Im sitting on the train heading back up to Seoul after a week in Busan, it allows me a bit of time to reflect over the week that was. Firstly, I love Busan, I would love to live there if the Seoul DJ scene wasn’t so good. The weather while I was there was almost perfect, had plenty of time to relax, catch up with friends and oh yeah, compete! So in case you missed it, on Saturday was the 3rd BeFm DJ comp, after coming second the previous 2 years, this year I finally managed to get that elusive first place that I had narrowly missed out on the years before. Now while the victory did have a small hollow point for me, overall it still felt pretty good and a relief that I managed to clinch first this year. Going into the competition as a pretty strong favourite wasn’t exactly a fun feeling for me, I’ve always preferred the underdog status and have been pretty used to that in the years now since Ive been in Korea, so knowing coming into this comp that I should win was def a bit of added pressure that didn’t really allow me to relax as much as I normally would before such a comp.

BeFm Stage

Anyways this year was a good group of DJs, we mostly knew each other already so at least before the comp it was easy enough to hang out, joke with each other while hanging around on a hot ass day in Busan. The weather was seriously great thou esp. compared to last year! However we were still waiting and waiting for Pinnacle to show up, which he finally did, just as he was due on stage! Poor bastard, gets on stage and then has a huge equipment fail, yeah that really rounded off his night, so the order got bumped and he got relegated to performing last.


So, quickly thru the DJs.

First up was ColdChillin, I remember his set from the first year where he managed to get 3rd place, this year again he came again with a nice set, struggled to get the crowd into it (an on-going theme all night) but still managed to set a nice medium ish bar.

Next was myself, after making a bit of a meal of my intro… (stupid CDJs, again, another on-going theme all night) I settled into my set well enough, I sold my soul and played Coco… which ended up being a total flop (fml so that pissed me off) but that was where my set abandoned being too technical and went straight to crowd service which worked exactly how I expected it to. With the exception of that stupid coco song, everything went exactly how I planned

akadjblaze BeFm

After me was the Chinese entrant, DJasce, again he played a nice set with some good tracks and good transitions, but once again struggled to get the crowd into it, for his first outing thou Im sure he will learn from it

Next was Idub, another Seoul DJ and also his first year in the comp, again had some good tracks and nice set, managed to get the crowd a bit at times but again struggled to really keep them but did enough with his set to come in 2nd place

Next another top DJ, in his second year competiting, Kiredmik was up and came with a pretty intense set, something like 28 tracks in 9mins, dude playing like the world was about to end! However that kind of play style was quickly lost on the crowd and the medley style of set fell a bit flat and just never gave himself a chance to impress on the crowd

DJ Rell back again was up and again had some nice tracks and had a set a bit more crowd orientated and managed to pick up a few cheers along the way but once again nothing sustained and failed to maintain it throughout but had a couple of good moments up there which was enough to get him 3rd

And finally Pinnacle got back up this time with little technical difficulties aside got to try and bust out his set. He started out with the Next Episode juggle routine made famous by Jazzy Jeff, while I applaud the effort, it is a difficult routine to pull off and he struggled to make it work leaving the crowd standing there just gawking. The rest of his set didn’t bode much better either and in the end you could tell he just wanted the hell out of there

And so that was it, I was only partly paying attention to everyones sets but the overall theme of the night was poor track selection and an inability to get in the crowds face and really control them from start to finish. Oh and shitty CDJs… seriously, one of these years can we get the proper and reliable equipment, just once?


Anyways, after the winners announcement I was called to play a set on stage.. yeah all the preparation! But still I was in the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ stage of mind, just happy that I won so jumped on, played a heap of bangers, had more fun with the crowd, trolled them a little bit cause I now could! Got the other DJs up on stage with me, took a mean selfie that Rell missed out on and overall just rocked out, should prob have planned a set before hand but it didn’t matter in the end.

akadjblaze befm

After the comp we all went, had a mean feed, then basked in free drinks at a club down the road before heading to another club where a couple of us were playing. Overall it was a dam good night!

BeFm Stage

So that is pretty much it, a great week away of chilling and DJn by the beach, catching up with friends, eating some good food and enjoying life! Here is a copy of my final set, its a rough version I just used so I could practice it in my head.

Also waiting on a copy of my interview with Chad on Nightrider on Busan eFM on Monday night. It was nice to finally get in the studio with him and hang out. As for next year, will I enter again… Well we shall see, I was thinking after this year I would like to make way for some other DJs to enter and try their luck but at the same time, the prize money and the chance to come back to Busan again is a pretty good incentive!

3rd time lucky?

Yup, so once again I decided to enter BeFm again (Busan FM expat DJ competition) This year it’s on a Saturday night so should be more fun than last years Sunday night (thou it was still stupidly busy) Still waiting on the line-up but will add the poster later on. I will be heading down to Busan a few days before to hang out and staying around for a few days later. Should be a blast! Anyways here is my entry set (my final set will be nothing like this, once again it will be a festival style set)

What’s next for DJ’s?

So with Naam 2015 finishing up recently, DJs are starting to decide what new goodies they might set their eyes on for their next purchase while others are considering how some of the announcements will affect them but honestly, while there was some key announcements and reveals at this years Naam, overall there was nothing really and truely ground breaking, just a lot of re-inventing of current technology and minor improvements. There is no new feature to revolutionise the way DJs operate, and honestly there hasnt been one for awhile, however with a lot of the new technology that is on the horizon, I think we will see the next revolution happen in the next few years. So this is my thoughts/predictions for what we might see, but before I go into those, lets take a look at the previous big moments in Music history to give us an idea of the things I’m talking about.

Firstly music is music, its something that fundamentally wont change. Music we experience primarily thru listening, thou we can ‘feel’ it and we can ‘experience’ it, these are secondary to the fact that music needs to be listened too to experience it properly (I know with deaf people its another issue, so I am keeping this general here) So while we can add other components to music like visual or social, at its core, music is something listened to, and that is not something you can change. The biggest changes in music history have really come from the different ways people listen to music

So with this in mind, lets have a look at the history of music ‘technology’

1. Music notation (the first big music revolution) – music represented in written format, allowed people to recreate tunes

music notation

2. Recorded music (the second big music revolution) – allowed people to record sound to be listened to at a later time


3. Telephones – allowed sound to be shared across great distances


4. Radio – sound and music being shared over radio waves removing the need for having a physical copy of the music (eg a vinyl recording)


5. Tape – the change from vibration based recordings to storing music infomation as magnetic infomation, reducing the size required to store a lot of sound


6. The Walkman – portable music in a smaller user friendly size (sure boomboxes could also come under this category, but it was the smaller size that counts here)


7. Digital (the third big music revolution) – This changed everything, being able to store music as digital infomation rather than analogue, this was a huge stepping stone in not only the musical world but in the world in general

digital music

8. CDs – before now, music was often played especially by djs on vinyl, tapes were often over-looked as a medium for DJs because of their impracticality for live performances and music manipulation. CDs changed the way we consumed music once again. CDs allowed people to burn their own CDs, unlike the vinyl era when printing vinyl was extremely expensive, being able to burn CDs from the comfort of home changed the way we listened to music, no longer being bound to listening to a whole album, people could burn their own compliations. Also CDs not only reduced the size of recorded music but also preceded the inovations to come with CD players made for DJs allowing them to manipulate music in ways not previously possible with the pinnacle of this technology being the CDJ


9. MP3 – As with CDs before paving the way for the creation of tools to be able to manipulate music live from a digital perspective, mp3 allowed music to be stored in sizes smaller than previously seen, this was important because comupters at the time were limited with disc space (both at home and online storing) and internet transfers of music was limited to slow dial up connections at expensive costs. Mp3 allowed the explosion of music sharing and also at the same time, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) started sprining up allowing the average person access to the tools to manipulate and produce their own music without the need for expensive studios. Mention must go to napster for starting up the music piracy era which rocked the music industry again in the way people obtain their music


10. Streaming – The change from the traditional TV and radio broadcasting of music, streaming bought the option to the digital world, allowing content to be shared in real time to people across the globe. With streaming also came the reduced sizes in media while still maintaining quality (Youtube being the big one here, but now we have multiple options for streaming)


11. DVS systems – While this is a mere combination of the technology before it, it is a combination that has opened up the DJ industry and allowed it to truely expand. From Serato to Rekordbox and many inbetween, these systems allow music to be played and manipulated using a laptop controlled by different control surfaces or the removal of a computer completely and only needing a hard drive has changed the way DJs work and think. With thousands of songs now being able to be stored on a device no bigger than an eraser, music is more accessible than ever before. Also DVS systems have allowed for portable DJ options from small midi controllers to mobile/tablet DJ options being more than  just viable


And thus we come to point where we currently are in the DJ world, while we have come a long way, the next step I think is where things really get interesting, so lets take a look at what could be on the horizon…

Google glass & Microsofts holo lens

google glass

While the technology is still bulky, once it slims down, I can see this as being a viable interface for DJs, imagine having waveforms in your heads up display, or track search using a holo representation of your record box, browsing songs with a swipe of a finger and loading them the same way. We have already seen some touch screen implementation of DJ technology, but it still doesnt quite replace the need to be able to feel what you are doing, however the extra add on esp with holo technology could lead to some really exciting creations and inovations. Or the reverse could also happen, we already have silent discos, imagine the crowd also having holo lens and recreating the whole club environment and expeirence, even allowing the dj to have direct feed back with the crowd via things like holo statuses above peoples heads (just like nightclub city) or you could totally redecorate the club environment digitally (just like in psycho pass)

holo lens

Holograms – Singers back from the dead or performing at mulitple locations simultaneously


So we already had holo pac, how about creating a dj show filled with holographic singers and performers controlled by the dj, the concept isnt as far off as the technology develops further. Or even have a DJ streamed at multiple locations via hologram

Virtual Reality – How about a virtual club

virtual reality

So we already know virtual reality is charging foward and is set to be the next big evoulton in technology, this could lead to virtual clubs, we already have things like livestreaming creating a kind of virtual club feel, virtual hangouts and livestream chat parties etc, the next step would of course be people being able to virtually go to a concert or club and share in the experience.

As far as virtual reality goes, I still think the big eventual step will be full imersion VR (ala Sword Art or Matrix) which would not only change the club world but also the world as we know it. When technology reaches this state thou, things will be vastly different than they are now. But at the current state, being able to wear something like Oculus rift and have yourself emerged inside a club isn’t as unbelievable as it once was

Voice commands vs gesture controls


While voice command software is nothing new, it hasnt taken off as much as people would hope, I think the reason for that is there is  a lot of people out there who dont feel comfortable using thier voice, plain and simple, its a common personality trait, also using voice control in the DJ world, well yeah, its just totally impractical given the loud environment we work in, however, gesture control is a totally different story esp given that big name DJs use gestures all the time to control the crowd. While touch screens are flaunted in clubs, they are merely the begining of the posibillities, things like the Nod – buetooth gesture control ring or Mota Smart Ring can be used to track your gestures (or even technology like Xbox Kinect to track the whole area behind the DJ booth), imagine linking the motion of raising your arms to an audio effect, while seemingly simple, this is something that hasnt really been explored mostly because of the lag and unpredictable nature of wireless connections esp in a live performance environment, however, as wirless techonlogy becomes more stable and reliable, things like gesture control can become much more practical, imagine standing back from the DJ Booth or doing a Steve Aoki in front of the corwd and using a ring or watch to trigger the effect and controlling it using your hands away from the booth. It can make for some great crowd interactions and show possibilities. While the technology is there, the reliablitly is yet to catch up.

Carrying on with the wireless connection advancements that are surely to happen and once they do make it more stable, it also opens up the use of things like Ownphones/Earin – new earphone designs that can be worn as in ears and are totally wireless. Removing the need for cables is a big thing in the DJ world because we are often surrounded by the mess of cables everywhere connecting all the various parts and pieces, a switch into wireless connectivity is a wish of many DJs to help clean up the booths

There will of course be many other advances to come out that will make DJs lives easier, things from smart luggage to smaller PCs, use of mobile systems to fully replace the need for a PC, touch screens, smarter controls, better sound quality, increased storage space etc. While all these advancements will be good for the DJ world, they are hardly revolutionary, merely things to make life easier. I truely believe the next big revolution that will hit the DJn world is virtual reality with the precursors to it being holographic and heads up display technology paving the way. Thoughts?

DJ Blaze Set List Saturday Jan 24th 2015


So this set list even has some audio to accompany it! Yeah I decided to record the first part of it since it was a very slow night, so ended up playing a ‘house’ set to begin with, thou after 40mins in, it picked up really quickly so switched from chill mode to party mode and stopped recording (wanted a nice house set on file) Also didn’t even play a hip hop set that night so kinda why the numbers of tracks are down from my normal

1. Soul Searcher – Can’t get enough

2. Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)

3. Dzeko & Torres – Steel Drums

4. Chromeo – Jealous (Solidisco Rmx)

5. Solidisco Ft. Skyy – Top of the World

6. Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder (Martini Crew Remix)

7. Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding – Outside (DJ Max-wave Rmx)

8. Ariana Grande – Break Free (Zedd & Jon Electra Rmx)

9. Mariah Carey Ft Wale – You Don’t Know What (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Rmx)

10. Solidisco – Work Your Body

11. Fonda Rae – Over Like a Fat Rat (Jazz N Groove Classic Mix)

12. Alessandro Viale Ft. Vaanya Diva – Deeper (Morris Corti Rmx)

13. Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (Ultimix)

14. Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell – Blurred Lines (Justin Sane Rmx)

15. Bruno Mars – Treasure (Cosmic Dawn Rmx)

16. Far East Movement – Rocketeer (DJ Kue Rmx)

17. DJ Cassidy – Calling All Hearts (Frankie Knuckles Rmx)

18. Daft Punk – Lucky (Starjack Hype Rmx)

19. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Billy Beats Rmx)

20. Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand Rmx)

21. Rave Radio Ft Chris Willis, Reece Low – Feel The Indigo Love (Chris Royal Rmx)

22. Icona Pop – Just Another Night (Solid Disco Rmx)

23. Mariah Carey – You’re Mine (JS Rmx)

24. Charli Xcx – Boom Clap (Young Bombs Rmx)

25. Harwell Ft Luciana – Arcadia (Merzo Rmx)

26. BK Duke & Shcedule 1 Ft. Jake Pains – Get Messy

27. DJ Bl3nd, Ferry & Crispy Crunch – Side to Side

28. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Mark Ianni Bootleg)

29. Flo Rida – Freaking Out

30. T-ara – Sugar Free (Ferry Rmx)

31. Joel Fletcher & Savage – Swing (Combo! Rmx)

32. Joel Fletcher – Afterdark (Rmx)

33. Reece Low – Monk Funk

34. FBTA Ft. Crispy Crunch – ZZang ZZang Man

35. TJR – Ass Hypnotized

36. Timmy Trumpet & Savage – Freaks

37. MAKJ – Lets Get Fucked Up

38. Bombs Away – Baseline Maniacs (Ferry Rmx)

39. Showtek – Bouncer

40. Play-N-Skillz – Literally I Can’t

41. Steve Aoki – Rage The Night Away (Dopeztb Trap Edit)

42. Daddy Yankee – Lovumba

43. Wisin Y Yandel – Also Me Gusta De Ti

44. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro

45. Daddy Yankee – Limbo

46. Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego

47. Sean Kingston – Fire Burning

48. Don Omar – Zumba

49. Pitbull – Calle Ocho

50. Beyonce – Run the World

51. Rihanna – S&M

52. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody

53. GD & TOP Ft. 2NE1 – Oh Yeah

54. Usher – DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Hypercrush)

55. Redfoo – I’ll Award You With My Body

56. David guetta – Play Hard

57. Justice Crew – Everybody

58. Usher – Scream (Seamus Edit)

59. Hardwell Vs Krewella – Apollo Alive

60. Ferry – Feel the Vibe

2014 Review

So, since the FB year in Review this time round completely sucked balls and since I have my own webpage, I feel it’s only natural that I post up my review here πŸ™‚

It’s 2015 already, that came by quickly… In this day and age time really does seem to just fly by, with so much going on in our lives it makes sense So before getting into this year properly, time to reflect on 2014 which was another good year for me and have managed to solidify myself in the DJ scene more and towards the end of the year started working on connections to further myself in 2015. Its all about that ground work! Had plenty of little achievements in 2014 but the main highlights for me were

– 2nd Place BeFM (again)

DJ Blaze, BeFM 2013, Busan

– DJn for Redbull at UMF


– Looking after my health, dropping 10kg and getting my fitness buzz back on

New Bike

13 weeks

High 1

– Globe Trotting (Bali, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Boracay)

Travel Time



Kuta Beach





Tokyo Shopping

– Meeting Jazzy Jeff!

Jazzy Jeff

– Starting a sport I have always wanted to do (Archery, new bow on its way!)


– Some crazy parties and nights out (stock standard as a DJ)

Bar Fly

– Learning how to record and produce as well as hooking up with some new MC’s

JC & Blaze

– A pretty good year playing touch

Β Is Stylez


So those are my highlights for the year, not bad but still need to keep building on them, had a couple of failed and missed opportunities last year but that’s just the way it goes. The failed ones are ones I chose to pull out of, the missed ones, well will be looking at changing those this year, so without further ado, my goals for 2015, these are the end goals, things I hope to achieve by the end of the year, there will be plenty of short term goals in-between, but these are what I ultimately want to achieve this year

– Travel to at least 2 countries this year (possibly more, depends if I can do a tour again this year)

– DJ at UMF and WDF again

– DJ on a big stage at a festival this year

– DJ a main set at one of the big clubs

– Gain a new residency

– Drop to 80-82kg

– Release a mixtape (Major Flavours style) using local artists

– Release a track of my own creation

– Perform a DJ/MC set of my own design (details will come later)

– Learn/Try a new sport (there is a couple I want to try again or pick up properly)

At the end of 2015, I will endeavor to revisit this list and see how much of it I can tick off! I might also add a few more goals to this list, but as of now, this is where my sights are set! Let’s go!

DJ Blaze Set List Friday 5th December

Β Set time from 11pm – 1.30am

Was a pretty good night, slow ish start but had a couple of big birthday parties for our staff members that night so ended up playing hip hop for the first part of the night before going into a more upbeat SOS (Same old shit) set thou I did get to jam a couple of new tracks, really digging ‘Uptown Funk’ and also found a great remix for Mariah’s ‘You Don’t Know What You Do’ As well as a couple of other Solidisco Remixes that I like. There was a ‘party’ that night… yeah another fail! But it was a good night

  1. Trey Songz Ft Nicki Minaj – Bottoms Up (Transition)
  2. I. Ft Kerry Hilson – Got Your Back
  3. Soulha Boy – Kiss Me Thru The Phone
  4. Katy Perry Ft Kanye – ET
  5. T.I. – Whatever You Like
  6. Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep
  7. Tinie Tempah Ft Wiz Khalifa – Till I’m Gone
  8. Rihanna Ft Jay Z – Talk That Talk
  9. T.I. – Big Things Poppin’
  10. Kanye West Ft T-Pain – Good Life
  11. J Lo Ft Ja Rule – I’m Real
  12. Nelly Ft Kelly Rowland – Dilemma
  13. Rihanna Ft Jay Z – Umbrella
  14. Chris Brown – Gimme That
  15. Daddy Yankee – Rompe
  16. J-Kwon – Tipsy
  17. 50 Cent – In Da Club
  18. Mary J Blige – Family Affair
  19. Beyonce – Love On Top
  20. Chris Brown – Strip
  21. Trey Songz Ft T.I. – 2 Reasons
  22. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – Young, Wild and Free
  23. Nas – Made You Look
  24. Terror Squad – Lean Back
  25. Gang Starr – Full Clip
  26. 112 Ft The Notorious BIG – Only You
  27. Chris Brown Ft Lil Wayne – Loyal
  28. Sean Kingston – Beat It
  29. Drake – Hold On
  30. John Hart – Who Booty
  31. 50 Cent – Baby By Me
  32. Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Love
  33. 2 Pac – All About You
  34. Musiq Soulchild – Anything
  35. Ariana Grande – Problem
  36. Jason Derulo Ft 2 Chainz – Talk Dirty
  37. Flo-Rida – Whistle
  38. B.O.B – Nothing on You
  39. Ciara Ft JT – Love, Sex & Magic
  40. Will Smith – Getting Jiggy With It
  41. Nelly – Hot In Here
  42. Jeremiah – Birthday Sex
  43. Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  44. Pitbull – International Love
  45. Daft Punk – Lucky (Starjack Remix)
  46. Robin Thicke Ft Pharrell – Blurred Lines (Justin Sane Rmx)
  47. Bruno Mars – Treasure (Cosmic Dawn Rmx)
  48. Far East Movement – Rocketeer (Dj Kue Rmx)
  49. DJ Cassidy – Calling All Hearts (Frankie Knuckles Rmx)
  50. Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand Rmx)
  51. Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)
  52. DJ Kronic Ft Bombs Away – Looking For Some Girls
  53. Joel Fletcher & Savage – Swing (Combo! Rmx)
  54. Joel Fletcher – Afterdark
  55. TJR – Come Back Down
  56. Makj Ft Lil Jon – Let’s Get Fucked Up
  57. Hardwell & Makj Vs Linkin Park – Numb Countdown (Vival Bootleg)
  58. G-Dragon – Crooked
  59. DJ Feli Fel – Your Birthday Bitch
  60. Mariah Carey Ft Wale – You Don’t Know What You Do (Rightside and Mark Di Meo Rmx)
  61. Solidisco Ft Skyy – Top Of the World
  62. Usher – DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Hypercrush Rmx)
  63. Redfoo – I’ll Award You With My Body
  64. David Guetta Ft Akon – Work Hard
  65. Bingo Players Ft Far East Movement – Get Up
  66. Adrian V Ft Tyes – Buffalo (Lefty Rmx)
  67. Reece Low – Monk Funk
  68. Klass Ft Carlprit – Do What You Do
  69. Icona Pop – Just Another Night (Solidisco Rmx)
  70. Mariah Carey – You’re Mine (Jumpsmoker Rmx)
  71. Chromeo – Jealous (Solidisco Rmx)
  72. Calvin Harris Ft Tine Tempah – Drinking From The Bottle
  73. Wisin Y Yandel Ft Chris Brown & T-Pain – Alo Me Gusta De Ti
  74. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro
  75. Daddy Yankee – Limbo
  76. Justice Crew – Everybody
  77. Serebro – Mi Mi Mi
  78. Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (Billybeats Rmx)
  79. MFBTY – Sweet Dream

DJ Blaze Bar Fly

DJ Blaze Set List Saturday November 15

DJ Blaze Bar Fly

Well its been a little while since I put up a set list, mainly because lately at Bar Fly it really has been the same old shit even worse than usual and even looking through the song list, I’m like meh… Having to play nothing but mainstream hits… but for some reason on Sat night I got a lot of compliments for my set… I have no idea why but I’m not gonna complain lol. The one annoying thing is lately I start at 11, but between 11-12, we have to keep the volume down because the restaurant upstairs has started to complain about the noise recently… There has been no change in volume, except that it has prob been less since haven’t been that busy… All I can say to them is piss off, you knew this was a club when you bought the place about 6 months ago, so quit your fucking moaning, needless to say at 12 not only do I crank up the volume but also set the bass up even higher to make sure it vibrates the shit out of the building!

Anyways set list for Sat 15th November 11pm – 1.30am

1. Justice Crew – Everybody
2. Cristian Marchi – Let’s Fuck
3. Bueno Clinic – Away
4. Luciana Vs Chuckie – What Happens In Vegas Mash Up
5. Bombs Away – Get Stoopid
6. Israel Cruz – Party Up (Bombs Away Remix)
7. Luciana, Cristian Marchi & Nari & Milani – I Got my Eye on You
8. J. Lo Ft. Pitbull – Live It Up (Jumpsmokers Remix)
9. Albert Kick – Evil Girl
10. DJ Kronic Ft Bombs Away – Looking For Some Girls
11. RIO Ft. U-Jean – Summer Jam
12. Redfoo – I’ll Award You with My Body
13. Usher – Scream (Seamus & Haji Edit)
14. Will.I.Am Ft Britney Spears – Scream & Shout (Ridiculous Remix)
15. TJR – Feel It
16. Klaas & Bodybangers – Freak (Klaas Mix)
17. Tonic Vs KnifeParty – Bitch Please Vs Internet Friends (Bl3nd Mash Up)
18. Turbotronic – Disco Monster
19. Bueno Clinic Ft. Mike W – Sex Appeal
20. Finatticz – Don’t Drop That (Strobe More Bounce)
21. Scndl – Gypsy
22. Havana Brown – Big Banana
23. Mr 305 – Driving Around (Bombs Away Rmx)
24. Play-N-Skillz – Literally I Can’t
25. Joel Fletcher & Savage – Swing (Combo! Remix)
26. G-Dragon – Crooked (Intro Rmx)
27. Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell & T.I. – Blurred Lines (Justin Sane Rmx)
28. Bruno Mars – Treasure (Cosmic Dawn Rmx)
29. Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand Rmx)
30. Reece Low & Lefty – Monk Funk
31. Static Revenger Ft. Kay – Back Off Bitch!
32. DJ Snake Ft. Lil Jon – Turn Down For What (Transition Rmx)
33. Lil Jon Ft. Tyga – Bend Ova
34. Lorde – Royals (Caked Up Rmx)
35. CL – Solo
36. 2 Chainz – I’m Different
37. Major Lazer Ft. 2 Chainz – Bubble Butt
38. 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
39. VIC – Wobble
40. Daddy Yankee – Gasolina
41. Diana King – Shy Guy
42. Beyonce – Love On Top
43. Jason Derulo Ft. 2 Chainz – Talk Dirty
44. Jason Derulo – Wiggle (Transition Rmx)
45. Rihanna & Jay Z – Talk That Talk
46. Lil Jon – Snap Ya Fingaz
47. Big Sean Ft. Nicki Minaj – Dance Ass
48. Skrillex Ft. CL & GD – Dirty Vibe
49. Wiz Khalifa Vs DJ Khaled – Black & Yellow Wins
50. Tae Yang – Ringa Linga
51. Soulja Boy – Crank Dat
52. Anthem Kingz – Birthday Song
53. Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love (R3hab Trap Rmx)
54. Steve Aoki Ft. Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Rmx)
55. Zedd – Spectrum (Getter Rmx)
56. 2NE1 – Come Back Home
57. Calvin Harris Ft. Tinie Tempah – Drinking From the Bottle (Transition Rmx)
58. Lmfao – Party Rock Anthem
59. Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
60. TJR Vs ACDC – Ode to TNT (Rmx)
61. Hardwell Vs Krewella – Apollo Alive (Simo Bootleg)
62. Showtek – Booyah
63. Hardwell & Makj Vs Linkin Park – Numb Countdown
64. Anthem Kingz – PSA
65. Don Omar Ft. Lucenzo – Danza Kuduro
66. Daddy Yankee – Limbo
67. Wisin Y Yandel Ft. Chris Brown & T-Pain – Algo Me Gusta De Ti
68. Chris Brown – Yeah 3X
69. GD & TOP Ft. 2NE1 – Oh Yeah

Review: June, July & August

Ok so it has been a busy last few months, 3 trips overseas, various gigs as well as my usual ones so here is a quick recap of what I have been doing these last few months


12 weeks, Jager, DJ Blaze

Well June was a interesting month, I got to do some pretty cool things and also finished my 12 week challenge, 10kg lighter and back up to maybe 75% on the touch field

One Piece, DJ Blaze, Luffy, Law

– Spent my birthday and long weekend running around Japan buying as much stuff as I could! Harajuku for clothes and Akihabara for my anime obsession

DJ Blaze, Redbull, UMF Korea DJ Blaze, Redbull, UMF Korea

– Next weekend was UMF which I got to jam out in the redbull party jeep, pretty cool that I got to go to UMF, wasn’t the greatest of festivals but it is def one of the biggest in Korea and around the world… just a shame the line up was mud

DJ Blaze, Venue, Old Skool Hip Hop

– Spun at venue, nothing but old skool and a bit of a MJ tribute. Also it was a great crowd for early on so made the night even better

Well that was June, short but eventful.


July proved to be less busy, was back at venue again but the night ended up being a dud unfortunately. The main thing for July was taking on a new residence at King Club, however that ended up being short lived. Scroll to the bottom for that story…

DJ Blaze, DJ Comp, Busan

– I spent most of the time working on my BeFM set.

101, Taipei, DJ Blaze Kicks, DJ Blaze, Taipei

– I did take a trip to Taipei which was a lot of fun

DJ Blaze, JC, DJ and MC

– Met with Blossom Day which was a kick start to working with JC

DJ Blaze, Venue, TBT

– TBT at Venue with Pinnacle and Rich Ben, pitty it was a dud of a night

And that was July

August was a good month

DJ Blaze, BeFM 2013, Busan

– 2nd Place at BeFM with a trip down to Busan, rocking it out on Gwangali

Blaze, WDJ Festival, JC, DJ Korea

– Went to WDJ Festival with DJ Korea, jamming in the tent again, but to less fanfare than last year

Bar Fly Crew

– Started to do some proper work with JC, exciting times ahead working with her, but did have a fun night out at Bar Fly

DJ Blaze, Logic Pro

– Started on some other projects including learning to produce music

And some other random things I got up to in August…

Marine Ford

Went to the One Piece expo in Seoul, it was cool, mostly based around the Marine Ford Arc which was of course total epicness! (Full review in another post)

Baseball In Korea

Went to my first Baseball game in Korea

And that was August, simple but fun, Sept is halfway done but it is also turning out to be another great month, it’s already coming into Autumn and the end of the year is rapidly approaching… again…

DJ Blaze, Hi-C, King Club

So here goes with the King Club story

My hours at bar fly changed to the late shift, so it opened up a time for me to play somewhere else, I was going to look at a second residency after summer since I am usually busy during summer but King Club offered so I thought why not, they are under new ownership and have a new direction that wanted to go in so at first I was excited about working there, because honestly I never liked the place at all or the people that use to frequent it but the hope that it would change and the possibility of the place had me in… But as I began working there it was quickly apparent that any change was going to be slow if at all. The American soldiers still frequented the place, and they bring their own brand of bullshit with them (for the 4 weeks I was there, there was at least 1 fight each weekend…) as well as wanting to hear all the new shit that you can’t dance too. The music they (the boss etc) wanted me to play wasn’t the kind of music the crowd they want to attract want to hear (I even had the bouncer? stop me at the door and start going on about some shit with the music, I just gave him the yeah whatever, like I’m going to listen to you look and walked on by, I listen to the crowd and the boss, not you) and it was just becoming apparent that the direction they wanted to go in was pretty blurry. Also at Bar Fly, the boss asked me to switch back to my old time, so since they come first, had to talk to king club and see if could switch up the schedule, the problem is all of the DJs there have a second residency that is more important to them than king club so none of them can change, which was fine with me, I was the late comer to the party and also working there was really starting to become an annoyance rather than fun, not to say I didn’t have some fun there thou! The place has a lot of potential, always has, and has some good people working there but as is always the way, direction needs to be decisive, not blurry… and changing styles up between the military and Korean/expat scene… seriously there is a reason why I hate Itaewon and even more so hate those young American soldiers and all their bullshit. I avoid the place like the plague

DJ Blaze Set 5: Unleashed Video Mix 8

Ok so here is my next video. It is one of the last videos I have made, I finished it before Unleashed 7, but becasue I made them both around the same time, I put this at 8 since the tracks were slightly newer than the tracks on 7.

This video by far came out the best of all my videos, from about 4 onwards I really had a good grasp of how to make them pretty much the way I like and near perfect quality, also it was much easier to get hold of HD copies of each of these videos too, so hope you enjoy

I will upload the rest and share them but its also about time I made some new mixes as well (I have about 3 or 4 old ones that are half finished that were going to be in the series, guess could always just finish them off too)


Unleashed Volume 8 Track List
1. J Lo Feat Pitbull – Dance Again
2. Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
3. Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music
4. Far East Movement – Live My Life
5. Jay Sean Feat Pitbull – I’m All Yours
6. Ne-Yo – Burnin’ Up

DJ Blaze Set 4: Thre3style 2013 Qualifier

So following up on from 2012, thre3style was again back in Korea for 2013, however this year there was def a lack of quality DJs entering with a few from the previous year not coming back to compete, however there was also some really good DJs entering this year who had some awesome performances, prob better than the previous year so it kind of balanced out (except some DJs really looked out of place up there)

Β DJ  Blaze

Anyways here is my set for the year, had a lot of mash ups and genre switches which ended up in a pretty varied set. The performance itself was mostly ok, except for dust screwing up my needle, twice! Ruined my intro, thou no one noticed lol and another time during my set it also almost screwed me up. I was pissed about my intro thou because I had to skip a bit of it and ended up using a safe version I had made (just in case something like this happened, yeah I think things thru that far) But apart from that my set came out nice and got some good reactions from the crowd this time round and just overall had a good time up there

Β Multipass

As for the result, well yet again didnt make it thru, and yet again there might have been some controversy on that matter, one of the comments I did manage to hear about my set was use of pre mixes, which yes some of it was pre mixed while other parts werent, there was a balance between the 2 since somethings live just dont go well and I hate having ‘dead’ space inbetween switching tracks etc which is unavoidable if your only using 2 decks without having some pre mixing going on to keep the flow going, but I had some premixes just the same as all the other DJs there (some had a lot of their sets pre mixed) so while that does make some sense, in the overall scheme of it compared to the other DJs, well yeah, possibly robbed… Also my heat was definately the hardest, I would say 6 out of us 8 should have made it thru and only 2 from the other heat were good enough to make it thru (the second heat was really very average) But again, its hard to know what the judges are thinking, its also hard to know if the foreigner card is in play or not, I would say it is likely it is but cant confirm either way, also I did hold back which maybe I shouldnt have done, it was only a heat so I did enough to make it to the finals (which obviously wasn’t enough) which if I had made it, would be a no holds barred set, but it was not to be.