In the Den with Rufio Ep 7

Iron Fist is here! Excited! But while everyone catches up (yes I finished it already), this week I show off some new Halo Mega Blok sets that arrived, how friggen awesome Logan is and how Fox has a lot to live up to now and of course looking forward to Iron Fist tomorrow. Tried my iPhone camera this time to see how it looks. Chur #Halo #Halomegabloks #Logan #Marvel #Xmen #Ironfist

Podcast Ep-4 More ‘Ma’ Less Snyder

In this episode we talk about different games and trailers while also talking about the differences between game cultures in the east and west.

What does Hayao Miyazaki do much better than Zack Snyder? Why does Jason, a self-proclaimed lover of all things anime, think DBZ is garbage? Join us as we discuss the Nintendo Switch, RDR2 and Logan trailer, as well how Konami may have just placed the very last stake into the heart of the Metal Gear saga.
— — — —
Topics Covered
– New games! Civilization 6, DBX Xenoverse 2 and finally Last Guardian!
– Jason’s hate for DBZ(!)& the inevitable fail for Metal Gear Survives
– The Japanese Essence of the “Ma” vs. Zack Snyder Syndrome
– Nintendo Switch/Red Dead Redemption and Logan trailer recaps
– Netmarble Suicide and the culture behind it.

0:00 Intro, Jason is back and we start off talking about Civilization 6
4:30 Metal Gear Survive Trailer
6:30 EA games on a one year cycle and where are the NBA jam types games?
9:40 DBZ xenoverse 2 and Jason’s hate of DBZ
12:10 The Ma
16:30 Japanese manga vs Western comics
17:50 Last Guardian Release
21:00 Nintendo Switch Trailer
26:50 Red Dead Trailer
29:20 Logan Trailer
33:00 Dr Strange and no more Snyder
35:30 The benefits of Netflix
40:40 Netmarble suicide
49:50 Korean Presidential scandal begins
51:19 Shocking moment in Walking Dead and other shocking moments in games