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In the Den with Rufio Ep 9

New video up, didn’t put one out last week because I was too busy playing #pokemongo
This week I talk about #ghostintheshell and how even though I enjoyed it, there was still some major issues with is. Also new #anime season is on us, yes! So I talk about #attackontitan #myheroacademia also #narutoshippuden has finally finished and keep an eye out for #berserk Finally this weekend I will be going to the #overwatch Apex finals, yeah boi!


In the Den with Rufio Ep 7

Iron Fist is here! Excited! But while everyone catches up (yes I finished it already), this week I show off some new Halo Mega Blok sets that arrived, how friggen awesome Logan is and how Fox has a lot to live up to now and of course looking forward to Iron Fist tomorrow. Tried my iPhone camera this time to see how it looks. Chur #Halo #Halomegabloks #Logan #Marvel #Xmen #Ironfist

In the Den with Rufio Ep 6

New video up, last week was a messy week but this week back into the swing of things, new timetable for the year at school as well which is pretty sweet. Things are moving on! Not sure about the camera change thou, the focus when using video on that camera has always been a little annoying, might give it one more chance then decide which to use… Anyways, finished my #macrossdelta model (except for stickers) and talk about #halowars2 this week and how #343 is dropping the ball. Chur!

In the Den with Rufio Ep 5

This week I talk about anime!! 3 big shows have second seasons coming this year and one of my favourite shows has a movie coming too so it is a good time to be excited after missing out on early bird comic con tickets, also don’t forget to check out #thankyoumattdamon and also shout outs to president agent orange!! Busta you rock my world!!

In the Den with Rufio Ep 4

New video up! Finally back at home and mostly settled in, streaming set up is also almost finished, got a couple of kinks to work out (you might notice the sound change towards the end as I re-recorded my outro) but getting there. Now that I am at home I have much tighter control on things.

This week I talk a bit about being back at home, G-market and their bullshit, and guys in a club who constantly stare at me while DJn… Creepy!

In the Den with Rufio Ep1

Welcome to my new video log project for 2017

Here is my new weekly video log, check it out and I hope you enjoy. It is still very much a work in progress but my goal is to keep doing this weekly during 2017. Each week I am to keep improving and hope to be a pro at it by the end of the year!

Podcast Ep-6 eSports and Elections

In episode 6 of our podcast it’s the Day After Tomorrow. Donald Trump is now the president of the United States, but the show must go on! Today’s episode we recap on Blizzon, get deep into GStar (The E3 of Korea) and what Korea needs to do in order to resuscitate its suffocating gaming industry.

Welcome Jodi to the podcast and talking about President Trump

3:30 Blizzard and Blizzcon.

6:00 eSports at Blizzcon and Sth Koreas Domination

9:00 Why Koreans are so good – breaking moves down, practicing and the support of the country

13:30 How video game and geek/nerd culture has become the new cool

17:10 Is esports a sport or something else?

18:45 Psychology will be the game changer for esports teams?

21:10 Overwatch league and Africa missing out on Esports developments

24:40 Gstar preview and Sth korea game industry in jeopardy

27:50 How can Korea turn things around now that they no longer have the technical advantage

32:00 Korea operating in an uncomfortable middle ground and what does Korea need to work on? Korea should adopt the Free to Win model (we talk about how this model works)

37:40 Western games have stories and endings etc, Korean games are missing story

42:00 Games to look out for heading into G-Star