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The Lunatic Hai suspension

Korean Celebrity Idealism creeping into E-sports

I’m sure by now that those of you who follow competitive Overwatch are aware of the suspension of 2 players from Lunatic- Hai early in February. Lunatic-Hai are currently competing in OGN’s 2nd Apex season. The suspension happened mere days before their next scheduled game. While this has been covered by other outlets its worth exploring why this even happened. Was it drugs? Violent behavior?

No, they were trying to pick up girls via social media and have been suspended for an entire season because of it. Continue reading “The Lunatic Hai suspension”

2016 Review

The extended version

Seriously 2016 will go down in the history books as the year the world went from semi messed up to straight bat shit crazy and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it! Yes bring on those doom and gloom prophecies, that shit is fun to imagine and as long as I get my zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, I’ll be happy!

But on a more serious note personally 2016 for me was like any other year, a series of ups and downs, travel, DJn and just doing me. However even the good and bad extremes of this year were def more pronounced than previous years.

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In the Den with Rufio Ep1

Welcome to my new video log project for 2017

Here is my new weekly video log, check it out and I hope you enjoy. It is still very much a work in progress but my goal is to keep doing this weekly during 2017. Each week I am to keep improving and hope to be a pro at it by the end of the year!

Podcast Ep-6 eSports and Elections

In episode 6 of our podcast it’s the Day After Tomorrow. Donald Trump is now the president of the United States, but the show must go on! Today’s episode we recap on Blizzon, get deep into GStar (The E3 of Korea) and what Korea needs to do in order to resuscitate its suffocating gaming industry.

Welcome Jodi to the podcast and talking about President Trump

3:30 Blizzard and Blizzcon.

6:00 eSports at Blizzcon and Sth Koreas Domination

9:00 Why Koreans are so good – breaking moves down, practicing and the support of the country

13:30 How video game and geek/nerd culture has become the new cool

17:10 Is esports a sport or something else?

18:45 Psychology will be the game changer for esports teams?

21:10 Overwatch league and Africa missing out on Esports developments

24:40 Gstar preview and Sth korea game industry in jeopardy

27:50 How can Korea turn things around now that they no longer have the technical advantage

32:00 Korea operating in an uncomfortable middle ground and what does Korea need to work on? Korea should adopt the Free to Win model (we talk about how this model works)

37:40 Western games have stories and endings etc, Korean games are missing story

42:00 Games to look out for heading into G-Star

Podcast Ep-4 More ‘Ma’ Less Snyder

In this episode we talk about different games and trailers while also talking about the differences between game cultures in the east and west.

What does Hayao Miyazaki do much better than Zack Snyder? Why does Jason, a self-proclaimed lover of all things anime, think DBZ is garbage? Join us as we discuss the Nintendo Switch, RDR2 and Logan trailer, as well how Konami may have just placed the very last stake into the heart of the Metal Gear saga.
— — — —
Topics Covered
– New games! Civilization 6, DBX Xenoverse 2 and finally Last Guardian!
– Jason’s hate for DBZ(!)& the inevitable fail for Metal Gear Survives
– The Japanese Essence of the “Ma” vs. Zack Snyder Syndrome
– Nintendo Switch/Red Dead Redemption and Logan trailer recaps
– Netmarble Suicide and the culture behind it.

0:00 Intro, Jason is back and we start off talking about Civilization 6
4:30 Metal Gear Survive Trailer
6:30 EA games on a one year cycle and where are the NBA jam types games?
9:40 DBZ xenoverse 2 and Jason’s hate of DBZ
12:10 The Ma
16:30 Japanese manga vs Western comics
17:50 Last Guardian Release
21:00 Nintendo Switch Trailer
26:50 Red Dead Trailer
29:20 Logan Trailer
33:00 Dr Strange and no more Snyder
35:30 The benefits of Netflix
40:40 Netmarble suicide
49:50 Korean Presidential scandal begins
51:19 Shocking moment in Walking Dead and other shocking moments in games

Interview with DJ Angelo

Here is my interview I did with the one and only DJ Angelo! It was great hanging out and doing this interview with him. The final product came out pretty well. In hindsight thou I should have edited the video down for a more ‘general’ audience and spiced it up with extra bits and pieces but that is something I can work on for future interviews and projects. As far as a podcast type interview it came out great. Hope you enjoy! The video version is on Facebook and the Audio version is on SoundCloud. Chur!

Podcast Ep-3 It’s a Wonderful Open World

Check out our 3rd podcast installment as we talk Open World games

Podcast 3 Contents:

0:00 Jason joins us for his first podcast and we talk about the Red Dead 2 announcement

6:20 How we feel about open world games in general

8:40 Rick and Morty shout out and Open World VR and how Open World has changed popular franchises

12:00 Black Flag Shout Out

13:30 Types of things that could be turned into Open World Games

15:20 Defenders open world game would be awesome (Heroes for hire)

Also Stargate or Quantum Leap?

19:00 Is PoGo an open world game? Is AR open world?

21:00 Ramifications for your actions in open world games

22:40 Shadows of Mordor remembers you

24:00 Why is it a gimmick when it should be an obvious inclusion and organic to open world gaming

27:40 AI programmed into NPCs

28:16 Next COD due to drop Nov 2017 maybe set in Vietnam?!

32:30 Sudden Attack 2 flops… Horribly

37:30 Could the Sudden Attack Fail spell the end of Pc games from Korean companies (and how a PC Bang works)

40:30 Stories missing from Korean games

Note: Overwatch – was meant to say there isn’t a story mode for Overwatch

46:00 Samsung has a cry

49:00 Halloween is coming

53:30 Seoul Comic World Shout out