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Overwatch Open Pacific Division Week 1

X-Pats Vs Cyclops Athlete Gaming: Going up against a pro team

So for our second game during the first week in the Overwatch Open League, we were matched up against one of the best if not the best team in the Pacific Division, Cyclops Athlete Gaming. A team boasting 3 players from the Japanese World Cup team. While our first game was a win by default (our opponents forfeited due to being in the wrong division), this second game was always going to be a one sided affair and a good eye opener for some of our players.

Having gold eliminations with only 2 kills… not a good sign

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RTS and VR

Could merging the 2 bring new life to the RTS genre?

So by now are aware of the leaps forward in VR technology and other peripherals that can go with it. One thing that has interested me with this current and future tech is how it can be used to redefine various experiences either in the gaming world or within the real world (especially how that tech can be used in DJn, check here for an article I wrote a while ago on this)

But in this quick article I’m going to talk about the use of this technology within a specific game genre, Real Time Strategy (RTS) and games like Command and Conquer or WarCraft.

The C&C series had a long history but failed to evolve its UI and user experience over the years.

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Fading Frontier: Kukje Electronics Center

Video games make way for manga and anime figures

This was written as part of a look at how popular gaming stores and markets have faded away over the years in Korea. This article was my contribution covering Kukje.

In the second part of our installment looking at hot gaming markets in Korea, I took a trip to another popular hot spot, Kukje Electronics center. Located near Nambu bus terminal, Kukje sits in a big multi-level complex sporting many different electronic goods and wares over several different floors.

Located on the 9th Floor, go through the G2 door and up the escalators

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Final Fantasy VII (remake) Isn’t Far Away

Why after playing 12+ hours of Final Fantasy XV, I am concerned

I am a big fan of Final Fantasy VII. I love the game. The story and the battle system esp are things that standout in my mind when ever I think about that game and it is one of the few open world type games I have played twice. I have a lot of love for the Final Fantasy Series in general, even thou it has had its ups and downs along the way, it has still provided some great and epic gaming memories.

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OGN Apex S2 Semi Final 2: The streak falls short

A methodical dispatching by a more experienced team

The 2nd semifinal from OGN’s APex season 2 saw a creatively rampaging Meta Athena come up against a strategically aggressive Lunatic-Hai. Meta Athena was looking to push their undefeated streak into the finals while Lunatic-Hai was looking to finally secure the number one spot after coming so close in previous tournaments.

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Podcast Ep-1 The Beginning

Welcome to the Gangnam Gamers podcast, so as I said, things have changed up big time for me the last few months and while this has been out for awhile, I am going to share all our podcasts here as well on my DJ page. I will post a couple a week till I catch up to where the podcast is currently at and also add a few extra pieces of information, links etc that might have been missing from the episode (or that I forgot to talk about). So here is our first one! (we did do 2 or 3 before this just as testers but this is the first one we went with) Enjoy! Extra information is below.

Podcast Contents:

0min: Introductions and talking about COD Modern Warfare remastered and Infinity Warfare.

9min: Pokémon Go and it not being in Korea yet.

14:45min: PoGo alternatives (crayon pang go go) and talking about Korean Protectionism of businesses.

22:10min: NYCC and Luke Cage.

24:50min: Fix, I was mixing this up when I was talking about it, so we do have a SAO game coming, was hoping to see footage of that game at NYCC but I want a new VR Sao type game 🙂

27:40min: Brooklyn Beat Down and Street Fighter. Also shout out to Infiltration.

28:44min: Games we are playing – Clash Royale, Wii super Mario galaxy, Ire: Bloody Memory, Dota2, Mario 64, Halo 5, One Piece Treasure Cruise, Command & Conquer. We also talk about using chat wheels in a passive/aggressive nature.

38:00min: Shout out to Ten Birds Korean game company.

39:00min: Spartan company name: The Spartiai Extraordinarii.

45:00min: C&C vs VR and micro control.

48:35min: Typhoon Chabba